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House Cleaning in Lakewood, Colorado.

Are you ready to UPGRADE your house cleaning service? Had enough of the promises but no follow through? Then call us ... we provide quality house cleaning at reasonable rates!

What makes us so great?

We hate to boast, but since you asked... lets talk about EXPERIENCE ... we have been providing cleaning services to homeowners in Lakewood and the surrounding area for over 26 years .. we know how to clean.

Then lets talk about RELIABILITY. We are not a fly by night operation or a  couple of independent cleaners who will come and provide services whenever we get around to it .. if you set up regular service we guarantee that we will be there on the agreed day to clean for you. We can tell you many stories of  people who are now regular clients of ours who were let down at the last minute by an independent or a fly by night company. How bad would it be if you have a dinner party tonight and you are expecting a cleaning crew today and they just don't show up. We will not do that to you!

How about CONVENIENCE? Set up your regular cleaning with us, provide us with your key and just forget about us .. on your regularly scheduled day we will be there to take care of your home for you ... so that you can get on with the things you really care about!  We also bring all of the supplies and equipment, so there is no need to run out the night before to buy supplies .. we have everything we need with us... isn't that convenient!

We are AFFORDABLE!  We have been doing this for over 26 years and have seen many people come and go in this business. This is a very competitive business, but we provide the best value for the amount you spend. Unlike some of the franchise businesses we are locally owned and managed and therefore can keep our rates reasonable. We are so confident that our rates are better at we guarantee to  match or beat the rates quoted to you by any of the national franchise companies for the same number of working hours!

We GUARANTEE our service. We are so confident in our cleaning system and the  cleaning abilities of our professionally trained employees that we guarantee that if you are ever unhappy with any area we have cleaned for you if you let us know within 24 hours we will cheerfully return the following day to correct the oversight, no questions asked!

And there are a lot more reasons why we are great ..keep reading, or just call us to discus your needs! We are certain if you give us a try you will like us!!  Thanks for considering us!


We know what customers really want when they hire a professional house cleaning company ... To us and to our customers quality really matters! If you are tired of the promises and no results then its time to upgrade your service! We are Lakewood's house cleaning experts. Our employees are efficient and reliable! Why not just leave the house cleaning to us ... we are certain that once you try us you will like us!

How does our service work?

All of our services are personalized to your specific needs. We do  not dictate to you what needs to be done, bat rather discuss with you specifically what it is that you are looking for and then create a cleaning plan to meet your needs. 

Of course if you are not sure what you want done we can do our standard house cleaning service for you .. that normally satisfies even our most picky customers...

Our typical services can include the following*:

  • Cleaning Kitchen .. including all surfaces, stove top, outside of cabinets, inside microwave, outside of all other appliances, floors, baseboards, spot clean walls, sanitize switch plates and door handles, and anything else you need.
  • Bathrooms .. including tub, tile, mirrors, light fixtures, inside and outside of toilets, shower doors, floors, baseboards, spot clean walls, sanitize switchplates and door handles, and anything else you need us to do. 
  • Cleaning Wood Floors, hard surface stone and tile floors such as Terrazzo, Marble and similar surfaces.
  • Marble and natural and simulated stone counters and other surfaces.
  • Vacuuming carpeted areas, Moping of floors, etc..
  • Dusting all areas, removing cobwebs, etc.
  • Cleaning the Stove top, Microwave, inside of the fridge and oven (if additional time has been arranged ahead of time with the office)
  • Spot Cleaning walls
  • Baseboards, window sills
  • Overhead Fans, etc.
I addition to our normal weekly, every other week and monthly cleaning we also provide the following services:
  • Spring cleaning and Fall cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • One Time Cleaning
  • Move in and Move Out cleaning
  • Party Clean Up
  • Corporate Housing maid service
  • ...and much much more
  • Call us to tailor our service for your specific needs
  • Remodel Cleaning
  • Construction Cleaning
  • Party Help and Party Clean up
  • Packing and Unpacking for a move in or move out

As well as many other home related services .. Please call our office to discuss your specific needs .. we will do our very best to accomodate you. Thanks!

       Call Today! (303)-703-9392

Locally Owned and Operated since 1987 

Lakewood House Cleaning Service

Servicing Lakewood and all surrounding areas.

*Please keep in mind that our rates are based on the amount of time reserved for you based on what you have told us your requirements are. If your requirements change or you add additional work that was not included in the original request then our employees will do the best possible job they can in the time available, but it may not be possible in such a case to complete everything you need if you are unwilling to pay for additional time..